Momma Mary's Navajo Tacos

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Linda & "Momma" Mary

Our Story of Navajo Style Tacos

When the Navajo Indians were placed on reservations, life and food were hard.  Just like today it still seems that way. The meat was scarce but flour was not, so they made the dough using what they had on hand.  Our recipe is one given to our Mother years ago by personal friends, a Navajo family on the reservation. Our parents were young, struggling Missionaries out of Baptist Bible College here in Springfield, with a large family of 5 children at that time to feed.  Our Momma realized that Navajo tacos were filling and could easily feed the family; it was and still is one of our favorite foods to eat. Just as our Momma made tacos with love for her family, we decided to open Momma Mary’s and make the Navajo tacos the same fresh, delicious way our Mom taught us all those years ago.  We hope you leave full and satisfied and love our Momma Mary’s tacos. So from our family to yours, EAT, and ENJOY.